– Service for outstanding online meetings.

With the service, you can bring your personality and strong presence to online appointments with the help of variety of camera modes and content types, all packed nicely into a smooth rundown list for you to control.

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After finishing your trial, it is easy to upgrade into a subscription or you can continue using as a freemium service with limited features and discreet promotional content.

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The current version of is running on Windows 10 or newer and equivalent Mac platforms!

You can see the price of your purchase in your local currency on the 2checkout page when completing your purchase.

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Features: What can I do with

  • Use whenever you need a sophisticated video appearance for yourself.
  • Tested to work with all major video meeting platforms.
  • Choose your favorite layout from 5 different camera modes.
  • Use videos and images in your presentation.
  • Appear relaxed while presenting and utilize 3rd party presentation remotes.
  • Intuitive rundown list of current presentation makes you the director of the show.
  • allows you to show ad hoc content even in the middle of a presentation.
  • Prepare and save rundown-lists as pcam-files to quickly open them up again.
  • Load saved rundown-lists quickly, even during the current presentation.
  • Load new content easily with Drag & Drop.
  • Desktop editor enables you to easily prepare and practice your presentation.
  • Utilize title footers to emphasize your presence and identity.
  • Upload your own business card to appear nicely while cameras are off.
  • Automatic updates always keep you up to date.


Is available for both Windows and macOS?

Yes it is. The same license key works for both platforms. 

Does it need to be installed on my computer?

Yes it does. First installation of requires administrative rights, but most automatically served updates can be installed with normal user rights.

How do I use

  • After installing you get two great tools of Desktop version and meeting version.
  • Desktop version is good when building the content and practicing your presentation upfront. It shows you exactly what your upcoming audience will see in the online meeting.
  • Meeting version is a dedicated videocamera and can activated automatically when you put your camera on, after the has been selected as the default camera from your meeting environment options. 
  • You’re experience of using the is identical in both scenarios and content saved as files (*.pcam) can be used fluently in both versions.

Can I try before buying and what happens after trying?

  • Yes you can Try. Use the Try now -button above to get a full-featured for 14 days. 
  • If you like the, you can upgrade the trial into a full version with a license bought from here.
  • Or you can continue using for free after trial period, but with limited features and some promotional content

What is the refund policy?

  • You are entitled to refunds if you encounter unexpected problems that prevent you from using the during the first 30 days after placing the first subscription order. Instructions for refunds can be found from here
  • If you have doubts about the compatibility, please use the free trial to test with your configuration.

Are the subscriptions renewed automatically and how can I control it?

  • Yes, subscriptions are renewable by default. It makes sure that the service stays continuously available for you.
  • You get notified by email before renewal and you can control the auto-renewal from subscription portal. 

How can update payment details or cancel the subscription ?

  • You handle your subscription details from the subscription management portal 
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time and use the service until the end of ongoing subscription period.

Can I change between plans?

You can change between plans by cancelling the old one and buying a new subscription.

Can I upgrade / downgrade my subscription?

  • Personal license is for single use only. It cannot be upgraded. 
  • Business license has a built in system to add or remove installations, so your subscription is updated automatically and your monthly payment is set by the maximum number of concurrent installations during one month.
  • In Enterprise license, you select the capacity of installations when you subscribe. If you need to update your installation volume, you can upgrade the subscription on your 2checkout subscription portal

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Interested? requires a Windows 10 or newer, or the equivalent Mac platform to run. PRIVACY POLICY       / TERMS OF USE