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With, you can connect better with your audience and bring out your personality.

Let people know who you are and stand out shows your name, company, and social media tags in style. You will definitely stand out with our animated business cards.

Use versatile content, keep your audience engaged

Deliver your message with texts, pictures, and videos. With you can broadcast all your content easily and in style, even in FULL-HD.

Be present at meetings, even remotely

Use your webcam and content simultaneously in versatile ways during the presentation.

Who is for? is suitable for webinars and presentations for salespeople, educators, teachers, consultants, for projects, customer support, companies, large organizations, and anyone who wants to be seen and understood in a memorable way.

For inspiring and personalized online presentations!

Current features Deck enables you to construct a Deck of assets to assist you in online calls and presentations.

Some of the Deck features included are:

  • Images and videos uploaded from your system that you can display and arrange during your presentation, and even overlay on top of your camera feed.

  • Different camera modes that you can assign to different assets and your web camera.

  • The player navigation that let's you browse and play through your selected assets.

  • The business card feature that let's you display a preset image in place of your camera feed if you're sporting bed hair in the morning.

Business card

With you can display a business card instead of your web camera feed.

Upload a suitable image from your system through the settings menu and activate it from the navigation bar when you don't wish to appear on camera.

Camera overlay


By using the overlay camera mode on your chosen image (for example a PNG file with the alpha channel transparency enabled) you are able to display the image on top of your camera feed.

With overlayed image assets you can spice up your presentation with name tags and banners. Mini


You can minimize the player when you need more space on your screen and you don't have a need to tweak your Deck during a presentation.

The player is not visible for your audience either way.



The settings tab contains some of your most important controls for

General settings

  • The size of your control panel and image
  • Camera settings and source


  • The details of your license


  • Your title displayed in the camera overlay

  • Your business card


  • Send feedback to our developers if you find any problems with


All data and assets are stored locally so you can be sure of your online security.

For more information on how we collect your data, please visit our TERMS OF USE -page.

Extensions for

With the service, you are able to use Presenter Extensions to create images, text and videos on other digital platforms and then to import your work to to be used in your presentations.

Our current extensions include:

Here is a more extensive look at our available extensions: extensions

Interested? requires a Windows 10 or newer, or the equivalent Mac platform to run. PRIVACY POLICY       / TERMS OF USE